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Feed your existing models with a modular report, raw data, imagery, and commentary unavailable anywhere else

Get the most comprehensive, timely coverage of oil production in Africa

Africa has more than 8 million barrels per day of production today, and could approach 9 million barrels per day by 2019, making the continent a significant global oil producer.

The volatility in the region, however, means that hundreds of thousands of barrels per day of oil production can be taken offline or come back online very quickly, in a span of weeks rather than months. Therefore, Africa drives significant swing changes and global volatility compared to more “stable” oil producers.

Genscape’s African Crude Oil Supply Report provides the most valuable, comprehensive window available into the current state of African oil supply. Using Genscape’s proprietary monitoring, Government and publicly-available data, and imagery, the report combines an academic forecast and data science to provide a unique view of the rapidly-changing oil producing continent, with details for 26 countries and a specific focus on the conflict states of Libya, Nigeria, and Sudan/South Sudan.


Libya Oil Fields


Delivery: Email

Frequency: Quarterly

Location: Africa

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Features of the African Crude Oil Supply Report include:​

  • Quarterly Summary Report:
    • Coverage of 540 African production streams (will increase to 600 in the next five years as growth projects start)
    • Data file containing five-year forward-looking forecast (monthly and annual), broken out by:
      • Country
      • Liquid type (crude, condensate, NGLs, and non-conventional liquids)
    • Historical data back to 2010 by country and liquid type (crude, condensate, NGLs, and non-conventional liquids)
    • Analysis and commentary that provide vital insights into evolving trends and events
  • Quarterly customer-only webinars that will deep dive into the report and answer questions live
  • Monthly data file with historical and forecasted production by country and liquid type as well as field-level production forecasts for growth fields
    • Commentary and analysis on a country-by-country basis
  • Periodic, timely alerts, repair status tracking, and analysis of fluid situations

Insight to help you forecast price shifts & anticipate the arrival of crude from the Africa region

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With this report, traders, analysts, and portfolio managers will::

  • Save time by plugging this modular report into existing global crude supply models
  • Leverage comprehensive coverage of the region sourced through a combination of Government field data, operator field data, regulatory documents, news, and Genscape’s proprietary data
  • Understand Genscape’s forecast for the region and make their own judgments using the underlying fundamental source data, which includes imagery and flaring signals
  • Get timely alerts and new imagery from Genscape’s active monitoring, for the closest to “real-time” reporting available
  • Be confident that the format and content of the report will be regularly updated in response to both customer feedback and geopolitical developments arising in the region
  • Access Genscape’s expert analysts directly with quarterly customer-only conference calls that will dig into the reports, provide additional insight, and answer questions
  • Save money and resources with a report that includes what is most important to customers and removes superfluous data

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