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Hokkaido Power Outage
Avi Ganesan, Japan Power Market Analyst
September 19, 2018
During the early morning of Thursday, 6 September 2018, the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido experienced a significant, 6.7 magnitude-earthquake at 3:07am (local time). Out of safety concerns, nearby thermal plants shutdown generation, triggering a total blackout across the region. The Genscape...
processing plant
Anne Keller, Product Director, NGLs
September 17, 2018
A major surge in ethane prices is making big news in the natural gas liquids (NGL) world the past few weeks. Ethane prices have awakened from a five-year nap at gas equivalent levels in the Gulf Coast to nearly double in the past three months, going from $.28/gallon in early June to $.5575/gallon on...
Retail Electricity Pricing
Trevor Safko, Analyst, GP Energy Management
September 17, 2018
In the first two articles of our retail electricity pricing blog series, we focused on the basic principles of rate setting for Retail Energy Providers (REPs), EDI partners, and billing providers. In our third edition, it’s important to highlight wholesale cost forecasting and recovery as a central...
Florence Cat 2
Dylan White and Suzanne Danforth, Genscape Oil
September 13, 2018
Gasoline demand reached historic highs September 11 amid the imminent approach of Hurricane Florence to the North and South Carolina coasts and associated evacuation orders. Gasoline demand jumped to over 700,000 barrels per day (bpd) in North Carolina and South Carolina, according to Genscape Supply Side...
England Power Lines
Victor Laurent, Product Specialist, European Power
September 11, 2018
In March 2019, the UK is due to leave the EU, raising a concern for experts who believe that a “hard Brexit” or “no-deal exit” would also mean that they pull out from the Internal Electricity Market (IEM). The IEM allows electricity to be traded and transmitted seamlessly across...
oil rig used for drilling oil in gulf of mexico
Lee Williams and Rob Bickhart, Crude Oil Analysts
September 04, 2018
Tropical Storm Gordon is expected to make landfall on September 4 over the lower Mississippi Valley. Meteorologists expect the storm to become a category one hurricane, bringing heavy rainfall, high winds and potentially three to five feet of storm surge to the region. A little more than a year after...
Maersk Shipping
Genscape Maritime
August 30, 2018
With climate change reducing the amount of sea ice, the Northern Sea Route (NSR) is becoming an attractive course for maritime shipping. In the past few years, more oil and natural gas carriers are leveraging the route as a quicker path to Europe and Asia. The latest passage trend recently sparked the...
Unplanned nuclear outage in France sparks fear
Victor Laurent, Product Specialist, European Power
August 29, 2018
During the week ending August 24, new unplanned extensions of French nuclear outages that began in July ignited fear in surrounding markets. The unplanned outages are set to impact 2.37 TWh of nuclear output between 20 August and 19 September, according to Platts estimates. This news came with tight...
David Arno, Senior Analyst, Genscape Oil
August 29, 2018
Western Canadian crude-by-rail is set to continue reaching record highs in the near future as regional crude production continues to increase and extra pipeline takeaway capacity remains years away. Genscape added two new rail terminals in Western Canada to capture more of those crude liftings in the...
Ricardo Falcon, Regional Director, Mexico Power
August 23, 2018
Hot temperatures and a tightly committed supply stack are the main drivers behind the record-high power prices, demand peaks, and system energy costs seen across Mexico this summer. With strong and volatile network congestion in both the upper grid and the Peninsular area, it makes for an interesting season...